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Get Your Facility Sparkling for The Holidays

A clean facility always creates a great first impression, but the holiday season brings with it some specific challenges to keeping your facility clean. From the wetter weather to the decorations, there are many things to consider when it comes to getting – and keeping – your facility sparkling clean.

Of course, it’s not just about looking good.  A cleaner facility is also a safer facility.

Reducing Common Holiday Floor Hazards

The holidays can mean increased foot traffic into your buildings. Combined with wetter weather this can be a particular problem when it comes to keeping floors clean. Some common issues are:

  • Rain and snow outside usually means water being brought inside from people’s shoes and run-off from umbrellas and waterproof clothing.
  • On carpeted floors, this can mean caked-in dirt. On tiles, it can mean muddy tracks and a potential slip hazard!
  • Water damage at the entrances of your facility because of the frequently opening doors during heavy rains or snowfall.

Your cleaning staff should be constantly monitoring the floor – especially at entrance points to the building, to ensure that they are cleaned regularly. If necessary, wet floor signs should be displayed to ensure that staff and visitors take care.

Regular mopping of wet spots is essential to prevent slips, and also to keep the area looking clean. Along with wet spots, there may also be additional debris that will need sweeping.

Decorations can Be Dust Magnets

Holiday decorations bring festive cheer to your facility and put a smile on people’s faces. However, it is important to remember that decorations also mean some additional cleaning. Depending on your choice of holiday decorations, they will need cleaning and sanitizing like other furniture and objects in your facility to keep them sparkling and spreading cheer – rather than looking grubby and spreading germs.

Sanitization to Reduce Pathogens

It’s always been important to step up your cleaning and sanitization during the winter months to reduce employee sickness and keep visitors healthy and safe. However, this year it is more important than ever as we battle COVID-19 alongside regular winter flu and sickness bugs.

Covid-19 and other pathogens can survive on, and be transmitted from, surfaces. It’s amazing just how many surfaces we all touch every day. In any facility, there will be dozens of ‘hotspots’ that need regularly sanitizing to prevent the spread of germs.

At Team Clean, we use the Clorox Total 360® to disinfect and sanitize your facility to the very highest standards. Using this innovative electrostatic sprayer combined with a specific disinfectant or sanitizing solution, we can cover large surface areas faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Electrostatic sprayers can also efficiently disinfect and sanitize places that are difficult to reach manually, such as the undersides of surfaces.

At Team Clean, we have highly trained staff and years of experience keeping facilities clean and safe all year round. Providing the absolute best service is of the utmost importance to us. Contact us today for more information on our commercial cleaning services.


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