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Differences between types of Cleaning

Does your cleaning contractor know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing? Do you?

These terms are often thrown around and misused, but in reality, they each have specific definitions and reasons they are used. Cleaning is not the same as sanitizing and sanitizing is not the same as disinfecting. When you clean, you simply remove foreign material from high-touch objects and surfaces by using water and enzymes and some elbow grease. You need to clean, however, before you disinfect or sanitize, so it is a very important step.

When you disinfect, you kill germs. You don’t necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing the germs, you help to remove the risk of spreading infection. This is especially important in healthcare facilities. Sanitizing uses either heat, radiation or chemicals, and is mostly used in foodservice facilities. Again, the area needs to be completely cleaned in order for sanitizing to be effective, as sanitizing and disinfecting are a step above regular cleaning. Cleaning simply removes dirt, while the other methods remove potentially harmful bacteria that may not be visible. All are important in the areas and the buildings that they are used in, in the right order. Does your cleaning contractor keep your facility cleaned, sanitized and/or disinfected according to your specific needs?

How to Stay Healthy at Work

How you feel affects how you work, and how others around you work, too. If you are feeling sick, you have two choices – call in sick, or come in to work and feel miserable.
It’s no secret that most would recommend that when you’re sick, you stay home until you get better, yet many of us show up to our jobs anyway to, as the saying goes, “tough it out.”
But that’s put your co-workers in harm’s way, too – what one writer called “the crosshairs of germs.” According to a study from MIT, the fluid released by a single sneeze can travel over 26 feet – the length of several desks.
When a company’s employees do, in fact, call in sick, the company suffers there, as well. In fact, absent employees and those who show up to work while sick combine to cost the U.S. economy nearly $230 billion each year due to lost productivity. It’s important that workers and cleaners heed advice on how to stay healthy while in the office.

Here are a couple tips:

1. Talk to the cleaning staff: While great communication between office managers and cleaning staff should occur throughout the year, special chats prior to and during cold and flu season can do a lot to put workers in the best position to keep offices safe. Topics of discussion should include how often high-touch surfaces should be disinfected.

2. Know what carries germs: Speaking of high-touch surfaces — cleaners and building occupants alike need to get to know what they are. The most germ-covered items in the office are those that come in contact with hands. This of course includes door handles, keyboards and phone receivers, but sink taps, faucets, refrigerator handles and the buttons on vending machines and microwaves, get in plenty of contact with fingers, too.

3. Improve hand washing: Too often do people skip out on washing their hands, but even those that wash their hands often don’t do it for long enough. The average person washes his or her hands for 10 seconds, which is only long enough to dispose of 90 percent of germs. This is a mistake, as that remaining 10 percent of bacteria can double in less than 20 minutes. In 80 minutes, the bacteria grow to the number is was at prior to the hand washing.
4. Keep your workstation clean: It is extremely important to keep your workstation clean and orderly. Tidy it up five minutes before leaving for the day so that you return to a neat workspace the next morning. Keep sanitizing wipes handy and use them to wipe the surface of your desk often.
5. Be hygienic: Being hygienic goes a long way in keeping you healthy. You can take the necessary steps at work too. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk. When at work, it may not always be possible to step away from your desk every time you want to wash your hands. But with your hand sanitizer close, you can deal with situations that involve you coughing or sneezing and stay healthy and germ-free.
6. Avoid mingling with sick employees: This one is common sense but no less important. Avoid close contact with employees, who may be sick or show symptoms of communicable disease. Wash your hands if you’ve been around their workstation. Also, let office management know about the sick employee, if they aren’t already aware. If you’re sick, it’s best to stay home and recuperate so that you do not end up spreading the infection to others.

Are You Doing All You Can To Combat Superbugs?

It’s an unfortunate fact that in recent years, superbugs have become a concern and a threat to all of us. They are things we need to be aware of and pay attention to so that we can do the best we can to prevent them from spreading and doing more damage.

The latest superbug that is relevant to our area is C. auris, which the CDC just added to their list of “urgent threats”. This fungus has been quietly spreading across the world, but was most recently found in New York, New Jersey and Illinois, as well as solitary cases in other states. Nearly 600 cases have been confirmed across the US. This fungus preys on those with weakened immune systems, and in the last five years has taken a hold in a neonatal unit in Venezuela, a hospital in Spain, a British medical center, and has also shown up in India, Pakistan and South Africa. It is estimated that almost half of those infected die within 90 days.

Unfortunately, as things like fungus and bacterias become immune to medications, the focus needs to shift to facility cleanliness, personal hygiene, infection control and a cross-contamination efforts. It becomes imperative for organizations to alter the way that they clean so that nothing is able to remain there and multiply. Some fungus and bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks if the area is not properly cleaned and sanitized.

How does one go about sanitizing and ridding their facility of a potential superbug? The answer is that it requires specific products and processes. Even cleaning professional know that eradicating superbugs is no easy task. Cleaning and sanitizing methods that can spray and disinfect on both hard or soft surfaces, and reach into even the tightest spots will go a long way in assuring that bacteria and fungus cannot survive and wreak more havoc. Prevention and awareness are the best tools to use to help keep things like superbugs from spreading. If you have specific concerns, be sure to speak to your corporate cleaning partner about the ways that are available to keep your facility as clean and protected as possible.


Philadelphia Go Red for Women Chair

Donna Allie is the Philadelphia 2014 Go Red for Women Chair.  Go Red for Women is the American Heart Association’s nationwide year-long initiative that celebrates the energy, passion and power of women banding together to listen to our bodies, know the warning signs of heart disease and take action.

go red luncheon speech

11th Annual Philadelphia Go Red for Women Luncheon

The American Heart Association’s 11th annual Philadelphia Go-Red-for-Women luncheon was held May 9, 2014. The luncheon served as the culminating event in the year- long Go Red for Women Campaign to raise funds and awareness around the number one killer of women (and men), heart disease.

The Luncheon was a mission filled day and, with approximately 800 guests in attendance, more than $1 million was raised in the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke. This represents a new record for the Philadelphia Go Red for Women Luncheon and, with more than $150,000 in growth over last year, ranks the Philadelphia Go Red for Women Initiative as the number three American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign in the entire country!

Proceeds from the Luncheon will fund research grants that will be used to uncover future medical breakthroughs. Past AHA research grants led to many important life-saving discoveries, including: CPR, implantable pacemakers, and drug coated stents.

GPCC Board Member Donna Allie, the President and Founder of Team Clean, Inc. served as Chair for the American Heart Association’s 2014 Go Red for Women Campaign Chair. Donna led the campaign to an all-time high by working diligently to champion this important cause throughout the year.

Team Clean, Inc is a commercial cleaning company headquartered in Philadelphia. Ms. Allie and Team Clean are recipients of numerous government, business, civic and community service awards and citations.


2014 Governor’s Impact Award

Team Clean Founder Donna L. Allie, PhD., was awarded the 2014 Governor’s Entrepreneur Impact Award for the Southeast Division.

On May 30, 2014, Governor Tom Corbett recognized 50 outstanding Pennsylvania companies and entrepreneurs for creating jobs, developing ideas, reaching new markets and making positive contributions in local communities at the 2014 Governor’s ImPAct Awards.

Governor Corbett said, “Today, we honor the men and women who spend countless hours providing the leadership and care that it takes to run a successful and growing business. This recognition goes beyond the contributions made to Pennsylvania’s diverse and vibrant economy. Today, we celebrate Pennsylvanians who embody the American dream by taking risks, working hard and achieving success.”

The Governor’s ImPAct Awards recognized 50 companies in five categories: Jobs First, Community Impact, Small Business Impact, Entrepreneurial Impact and Export Impact. The awardees were chosen by an independent judging panel selected by the state’s partners, Team Pennsylvania Foundation (Team PA) and Journal Multimedia.

Team Clean was founded by Ms. Allie in 1989. Within two years, the company expanded into commercial cleaning, first focusing on offices with less than 1,000 square feet. Within ten years, Team Clean was contracted to clean major office spaces and event venues, including Veteran’s Stadium, and was named to the list of “Top 100 Businesses” by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Team Clean has been built into one of the region’s largest, fastest-growing and most-honored minority-owned firms based on one rule: always provide unparalleled service to customers. As stated by Ms. Allie: “Our company provides an impeccable service that exceeds our customers’ expectations, and preserves and enhances the value in our customers’ assets. We provide our employees a means to achieve financial self-sufficiency, while helping them to build a stronger sense of family, ethics and business.”

Ms. Allie remains independent and hard-working, dedicated to building her business, improving the lives of her employees, and enhancing a growing, vibrant company headquartered in the City of Philadelphia. Her singular vision includes the goal of providing meaningful employment for over 3,000 men and women. That vision is powered by her passion for providing a re-entry to the workforce for the less fortunate, and comes from her own unique and compelling experiences both as an individual and as a business owner.


The Safer, Healthier Cleaning Solution

When we shop for cleaning supplies, most of us only expect them to clean. What we don’t expect is that. What we don’t expect is that the chemicals in many commercial cleaners contribute to indoor air pollution and can also be harmful if they are inhaled or touched. View Donna Allie, owner of Team Clean, talking about her quest to provide a safer, healthier alternative to her clients by using green cleaning products.

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