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Why You Need Commercial Cleaning for Your Warehouse

Warehouses are busy places, full of equipment and products that make cleaning a tricky task. But cleanliness and organization are key to keeping your warehouse running smoothly and safely. With COVID-19 still a major concern, warehouse owners are even more aware of the need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and safety of their facilities.

At Team Clean, we believe that commercial cleaning is a must for your Philadelphia warehouse. Here’s why:

Professional floor cleaning reduces safety risks

Floors are a particular area of focus. Warehouse floors need to withstand a lot, and they tend to see heavy foot traffic. They can get dirty very quickly, and depending on the warehouse there can be an accumulation of grease or other slippery residue that needs regular cleaning to remove. Keeping the floors properly cleaned can help reduce the risk of slips or trips – which can be very serious in a warehouse environment.

Using the correct products and machinery to clean your warehouse floor is vital, as the wrong products can leave slippery residue on the floor, or damage the surface. Employing a professional commercial cleaning company ensures that the right products will be used and slip risks are reduced. At Team Clean, our staff pay attention to the small but important details in each facility. We understand improper cleaning techniques can pose a serious safety hazard in your warehouse.

Regular warehouse deep cleans improve productivity

A good deep clean ensures that your warehouse is clean and organized, enabling your employees to work more effectively. Plus, working in a clean environment is proven to improve productivity and employee satisfaction. Employees that work in a clean and organized workplace tend to be happier, which naturally makes them more productive.

A clean and uncluttered working environment also helps to reduce anxiety and stress in your employees – keeping them well both mentally and physically.

Reduce sickness absence

Even before COVID-19, employee absence due to sickness was a concern in most warehouses. Employing a commercial cleaning company means that all high-traffic areas will be thoroughly cleaned. Restrooms and kitchen areas where germs and pathogens can proliferate are kept clean and disinfected to reduce the risks of sickness.

At Team Clean, we use the Clorox Total 360® system to disinfect and sanitize to the very highest standards. We use an innovative electrostatic sprayer that we combine with a dedicated disinfectant or sanitizing solution. This means we can cover larger areas more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.


Why are Team Clean the premier warehouse cleaning service in Philadelphia?

Team Clean have the expertise necessary to provide housekeeping and other related services to industrial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Whatever the size of your operation, Team Clean can provide outstanding cleaning solutions for your facility. Our industrial cleaning solutions include using the most appropriate cleaning agents and equipment to machine sweep/scrub concrete floors in your facility. Our Spotless Restrooms program keeps your restrooms and locker rooms dust and grime-free.

Contact us today to see how Team Clean can help with all your warehouse cleaning needs.

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