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Why Proper Training for Commercial Cleaning Staff is Essential

When you enter a facility, you expect it to be clean. When it’s been cleaned well you probably won’t even notice it, but it’s always very obvious if a facility has not been cleaned properly. From streaky floors to questionable odors, the lack of proper commercial cleaning gives a poor impression of a facility.

It’s common for people to think that commercial cleaning is ‘easy,’ and underestimate the skill and talent of a commercial cleaning team. However, proper training is essential, and here’s why:

It keeps everyone safe

With Covid-19 still ravaging communities, proper cleanliness and hygiene is uppermost in people’s minds. Proper training helps to ensure that cleaning staff know how to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize common touchpoints. The process is different, depending on the type of disinfectant or equipment used. A well-trained cleaner will know how to use the tools they are provided with effectively and safely. Used incorrectly, certain products that you depend on to protect people’s health can be hazardous to it instead.

Learning how to identify which products contain potentially hazardous chemicals and how to use them safely is vital information for cleaners. It means that they can keep themselves and other people safe. Beyond this, there’s also the risk of cross-contamination in some areas where equipment and products aren’t used correctly, or cloths are not cleaned properly between uses.

You get a better clean

With a professional commercial clean, your floors should sparkle and there should be no sign of dust. There are proper methods and techniques for getting things cleaned correctly – and yes, there is a correct and an incorrect way to dust.  If your cleaning staff aren’t properly trained then they will be making little mistakes that mean you won’t get the sparkling clean finish you want.

Even more importantly, every surface will be properly cleaned, which is so important because Covid-19 can live on surfaces for days. A well-trained cleaner knows where the high-traffic touchpoints are and prioritises these, but also ensures that every surface is cleaned thoroughly.

At Team Clean, we use the Clorox Total 360® which allows us to disinfect and sanitize to the highest standards. The innovative electrostatic sprayer means we can cover larger areas faster and reach even difficult paces like the undersides of surfaces. Our team are thoroughly trained in the use of the equipment, so you can be confident of high standards.

They will be more productive

Well trained cleaning staff aren’t just better cleaners. They’re faster and much better at identifying potential issues as well. When they learn the right approaches to take with their cleaning methods,  they will be able to complete key tasks quickly and efficiently. This means that you can make sure that the time that your cleaning staff has is always well spent.

At Team Clean, we invest in our people so that they have the correct training to be able to deliver an outstanding, high-quality commercial clean every time. We take staff training and development seriously and we employ people who love cleaning so that not only are they highly trained – they’re highly motivated to do a great job too.

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