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What Relocating Commercial Tenants Want

If a company needs to relocate, every minute of the transition could mean lost revenue.  Technological and communication advancements have certainly improved the ability to work remotely, however, a physical workspace is often critical.  Service industries like legal and medical practitioners need to meet clients and patients on a regular basis. Each day a company cannot schedule appointments, it loses money.

Relocating commercial tenants have to transition into a new space quickly and easily. Here’s what they need:

  1. Move-in Condition

A fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning provide the foundation for a ready-to-move-in space.  The addition of working lights and energy-efficient window treatments save prospective tenants time and money too. Perhaps new tenants need temporary desks, chairs, filing cabinets, shelving and more.  By offering a furniture package and wall dividers, to organize large areas into cubicles, a new tenant can settle into the space faster.

  1. Meeting Tech Specs

Without the proper means for communication, a business cannot survive. A commercial tenant needs dependable, fast WiFi as well as cable and phone lines in multiple locations. Some tenants may also request television hook-ups in waiting areas.

  1. Maintained Common Areas

A tenant’s main concern is the operation of their business, so building maintenance should not be a concern. When transitioning to a new location, business owners need to be reassured that management will promote the same high level of quality that each tenant offers their own clients.

On the outside

The property or facility manager must maintain the exterior grounds – this includes overall curb appeal with regular landscaping service, effective lighting, and prominent signs.  Sidewalks and building surfaces should be power washed and windows should be cleaned regularly.

On the inside

Once an employee, guest or client has entered the building, the overall impression is created in the lobby.  Decorative features add to a professional environment: contemporary artwork, nice furniture, potted plants, good lighting and even soft music. Restrooms should be available on each floor and serviced daily.

  1. Building Amenities


Posted security personnel deter criminal activity and protect the tenants and their guests or clients. For added security, some offices require employees to wear identification badges, some may need to be scanned to access the building or their company’s office.


Employees and guests should have ample parking choices near the building.  The lot should be well-lit and monitored for safety.


A large office building may provide a mail service to accommodate many floors and offices.  However, a smaller building should have a secure system for receiving mail and accepting packages.


Depending on the size of the building or complex, the facility manager may rent space to vendors to sell snacks and coffee in the lobby, particularly for visitors.  To accommodate tenants, some buildings may offer a full-service cafeteria, barber or work-out facility.

 Building Receptionist

A lobby receptionist can answer visitors’ questions, sign in guests, handle deliveries or call to announce visitors.

  1. Fully-equipped Meeting Spaces

Many tenants need access to small or large meeting rooms and a professional conference room. These spaces should also be temperature-controlled and equipped with adjustable lighting and window shades. For meeting efficiency, the following should be standard: phones, wipe boards, a projection screen, and a television monitor. If these rooms are shared with other tenants in the building, an electronic reservation system should be in place for booking them.

Commercial tenants want to quickly move into a new space with little disruption to their current operation.  A smooth transition helps maintain productivity and provide uninterrupted customer service, without losing income.

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