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Team Clean: The Fast, Effective Innovators

Team Clean is a small minority and women-owned business founded in 1983 by Donna L. Allie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Team Clean started with Donna cleaning houses to make a living for her and her daughter while dealing with the struggles of being a single mother. Having earned a BA in Sociology, the need to provide an income for herself and her daughter led her to take on cleaning work. But eventually, the tables turned for her.

Seeing the gap in the Philadelphia market for quality and reliable cleaning, she built the business up. She turned it around from a one-woman business, cleaning homes herself to employing other women to clean homes under her supervision. She recruited and trained other women to meet her high standards of cleaning and customer care, and they went in pairs to clean houses for her.

In 1985, Team Clean signed their first contract for commercial cleaning and from there, Donna was able to make a true name for herself in commercial cleaning and continuously grow the business.

From those first new recruits to the current workforce, Donna looks for more than just an ability to get the job done from her employees. An eye for detail, passion for great customer service and the ability to work as a true team are all essential qualities. Team Clean staff believe in consistency between the relationships of the clientele and the service provider, training that ensures excellence, and cost-saving services that will change the cleaning industry as time revolutionizes. The company always looks for ways to improve and ways to become more efficient.

Donna is a true example of black female empowerment and grit. She is a CEO of great leadership and kindness. Her inspirational leadership and kindness create a wonderful, supportive working environment – but at the end of the day, she is the boss and is all about business and building great connections.

She acquired many virtues through her personal journeys with life. She made sure her brand gave quality cleaning care and that her values aligned with her business. That is what makes Team Clean so authentic.

Team Clean takes pride in being a part of the small business world. Small businesses can make their mark in their industry despite not having an extensive network of employees. Being a small business can put a business owner at certain advantages compared to larger companies. It can allow you the ability to be unique within your business field, which is what Team Clean strives to do. They strive to be different and stand out, and the numerous awards and accolades they have received are a testament to the fact that they are truly effective and innovative.

Having a small business allows you to be more flexible and make the necessary changes to benefit your customers faster. Smaller businesses can give more personalized customer service to their customers.

Team Clean is who you call when you need your facility maintained to the very highest standards.


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