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Steering a Team to Succeed

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

-Henry Ford

A successful leader surrounds himself with a strong team. The team understands its mission and strives to reach the shared goals. The principles of this relationship exist everywhere – schools, athletic organizations, political environments, business, and industry – the list goes on.  In order for the team and leader to succeed, they must work together. Whether the leader is the principal, coach, president or supervisor, he must trust the members of his team.

Managing the Team

When it comes to supervising venues like office buildings, arenas or schools, the Facilities Manager organizes multiple teams to support his many responsibilities:

  • Renovate and refurbish offices for new and existing tenants
  • Ensure the property meets safety and health codes
  • Manage cleaning of facility
  • Coordinate maintenance of exterior grounds
  • Supervise waste removal and recycling programs
  • Monitor security inside the venue as well as on-site parking facilities
  • Negotiate with third-party contractors

A Facilities Manager also responds to the tenants’ daily issues or concerns. He gets the frantic call about a mouse in the hallway, or a plumbing issue in the fifth-floor men’s room. While the Facilities Manager addresses unexpected rodents and clogs, he becomes more dependent on his select teams to complete regular duties.

Professional third-party contractors help keep the property running smoothly. By hiring a reliable agency, the Facilities Manager can schedule regular, dependable maintenance services. This uniformed team supports the Facilities Manager with reliable workers who are committed to high standards.  Together, they achieve the same goal – satisfaction of the tenants and guests.

In addition to their regular duties, the contracted cleaning team can anticipate tenants’ needs or offer other services.


  • Detect the need for an exterminator before the Facilities Manager gets the alarming phone call
  • Suggest changing to green cleaning products to promote a healthier environment
  • Organize a recycling program
  • Clean carpets and upholstery to remove allergens


  • Mulch and refresh flower beds
  • Power wash sidewalks and building
  • Remove snow

The Team Takes Charge

For a Facilities Manager, the operation of the building and safety of the tenants and guests are the number one priority. When Mother Nature flexes her muscles, she can cause property damage. And after the dust settles or the rain subsides, the clean-up effort must begin. The Facilities Manager must assess the situation and evaluate interior and exterior needs.

The calls begin – the landscaping crew.  The regular team arrives to clean up debris and remove broken branches. They work quickly and efficiently to recover the property’s pre-storm status.

Inside the building, a leak left an inch of water in a conference room.  Next call – the cleaning team. They know the room and have the equipment to effectively restore it.  The team removes the water, cleans the floors and furniture and tests for mold. The Facilities Manager is confident in their work and relieved that he has contracted a strong support system to help him manage the property through its many challenges.

Working as a Team

A Facilities Manager oversees regular building operations but cannot do that alone. He depends on reliable and efficient team members. All of the teams that the Facilities Manager supervises act as the first line of defense against a potential problem. Clear communication and thorough reporting is extremely important.  The teams’ dedication to the Facilities Manager helps them all reach the goal of the tenants’ comfort and satisfaction.

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