Team Clean Biohazard Disinfection Services is a biohazard cleaning division of Team Clean. This biohazard cleaning service specializes in various biohazard remediation including homicide, suicide, accidental death, unattended death, removal of contaminated furniture and other specialty remediation like bird dropping removal.

The mission of Team Clean Biohazard Disinfection Services (TCBDS) is to “alleviate as much stress as possible”.  After law enforcement is finished with operations at a crime scene, the area is left without proper cleaning and disinfection. Biohazard cleaning responsibilities are left to the owner of the property. Usually, the property owner is not an individual or group that is experienced in biohazard cleaning. Property owners affected by a crime should never attempt to clean a crime scene where bodily fluids or biohazards without having proper experience or training. All exposed bodily fluids can be very harmful and are responsible for the transmission of infectious diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Salmonella, and more.

Biohazard services are usually costly, due to the dangers presented with biohazard cleaning. Knowing this, Team Clean has constructed its services and business operations to revolve around the budget and needs of the client. Team Clean is a local company in Philadelphia and the community is of top priority. Team Clean has a special connection to all Philadelphians and will provide services to people who have been affected by crime, regardless of a tight budget. Crime creates trauma, and this trauma can be relived many times if a crime scene is not cleaned properly. Team Clean can ensure that all remediated crime scenes will be free of any remnants of the crime committed.

Through extensive training and commitment, TCBDS has biohazard cleaning practices that make affected areas safe of infectious disease transmission from bodily fluids. The EPA certified disinfectants used are hospital grade and can kill harmful pathogens produced from exposed bodily fluids. TCBDS cleaning technicians are discreet and will close off an area while they are cleaning. They also will not suit up in their heavy gear until they are close to the worksite, hopefully diverting any unwanted attention to the area. Through a partnership with Cyntox, a biohazard disposal company, all biohazardous material is removed from the site and disposed of properly.

In the midst of the pandemic, TCBDS also has a full fledged COVID-19 disinfection service as well. Team Clean has access to EPA certified disinfectants that eradicate the SARS-COv-2 virus on surfaces. We also disperse our disinfectants through electrostatic sprayers that ensure full coverage of all spaces and touch points in facilities. COVID-19 technicians are also taken through an extensive COVID-19 disinfection training program and are taught how to use all equipment.

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