philadelphia cleaning services

Team Clean possesses the expertise necessary to provide housekeeping and related services to industrial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our reputation as the region’s fastest-growing janitorial services firm has enabled us to enter this market segment with great expectations.

Our success is due, in part, to the ability to provide well-trained and well-disciplined employees who are led by a competent, supervisory team. Team Clean’s low, employee turnover rate and excellent safety record means our clients receive exceptional service every day. This fact, in conjunction with specialized programs, such as Spotless Restrooms, will solidify our position in this market segment in the years to come.

Whether you’re running three shifts on a factory floor or a single shift in a warehouse, Team Clean can provide effective cleaning solutions for your facility. These industrial solutions include procuring the necessary cleaning agents and equipment to effectively machine sweep/scrub concrete floors in the facility, as well as instituting our Spotless Restrooms program to remove dirt and grime in the restrooms and locker rooms.

A well-maintained facility has the added effect of boosting employee morale, as well as contributing to an accident-free work environment. It also minimizes absenteeism caused by illnesses that can be prevented by the effective control and elimination of bacteria and germs.