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HOW TO MAINTAIN A FLU-FREE FACILITY: New Electrostatic Cleaning Tech and a Little Elbow Grease

Flu season used to peak between late November and early March. No longer. Some bugs, like MRSA, became superbugs. Disruptive fluctuations in the weather carry bacteria to new and unexpected places. And flu season continues to creep into every season.

Although MRSA is still predominantly related to exposures in hospital or healthcare settings, infections outside those settings are increasing. Schools, arenas, warehouses, restaurants; wherever you find groups people, you can likely find the virus.

MRSA travels by direct skin-to-skin contact or is spread by contact with dirty objects or surfaces that have come into contact with someone else’s infection. Practicing both good personal hygiene and regularly disinfecting surfaces and shared items are important practices for preventing the spread of MRSA.

Here’s a checklist of what you could do at your facility to help prevent the spread of toxic bacteria:

· Emphasize health protection and worker safety in the workplace

· Make sure that supplies for good hygiene are always available, encouraging workers to practice good hygiene

· Confirm that routine housekeeping tasks in the workplace are being completed

· Be sure that equipment and surfaces suspected of being contaminated are cleaned with detergent-based cleaners or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered disinfectants

· Encourage workers to get early treatment for possible infections

To really put the hurt on those pesky superbugs, Philadelphia’s premier corporate cleaning company Team Clean has armed themselves with the very latest in cleanup technology, a system designed to fight flu, MRSA, and other superbugs by attacking the virus as it cleans your workplace. The Clorox® Total 360® System is a revolutionary new surface treatment system that uses electrostatic technology to provide unbeatable coverage.

“The innovative system applies an electrostatic charge to the Clorox disinfecting or sanitizing solution, delivering a powerful flow of charged particles that are attracted to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity,” explains Kristina Vannoni, Associate Director of Marketing, Clorox Professional Products Company. “It covers up to 18,000 square feet per hour, providing superior surface coverage up to four times faster and using up to 65 percent less product compared with conventional trigger sprayers per square foot.”

Team Clean founder and CEO Donna Allie was impressed enough to switch all of her janitorial teams exclusively to the Clorox® Total 360® system. “Schools and similar institutions make up a large part of our business. The 360 represents a major breakthrough in the fight against illness-causing germs, helping our cleaning professionals prevent and contain outbreaks and keeping facilities healthier during cold and flu season and beyond.”

Over the past four decades, Team Clean’s experience and expertise have successfully serviced companies and organizations requiring: General office cleaning; Government offices and facilities; the Education sector; Events and Sporting venues, including stadiums and convention halls; and services for industrial plants and warehouse facilities.

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