philadelphia cleaning services

Team Clean enjoys long-established relationships with governmental entities, either through subcontracting relations with prime contractors or through direct engagement with a specific governmental agency (municipal, state, or federal). These partnerships flourish because of our continuing commitment to provide superior housekeeping and related services to this market segment.

We can make this claim because:

  • By partnering with Team Clean, government agencies and prime contractors are receiving services from a proven and successful firm with twenty years of experience.
  • We understand our fiduciary responsibilities as a government contractor.
  • We are very familiar with the procurement process related to government bidding opportunities.
  • Team Clean has a rigorous employee selection and training program to meet governmental standards concerning human resources.
  • Team Clean is a socially responsible minority- and woman-owned business enterprise, providing prime contractors with P.L. 95-507 compliance for large government contracts.

As with other market segments, Team Clean offers well-trained and well-disciplined employees who are led by an experienced management team dedicated to customer service. Our low turnover rate and excellent safety record ensures reliable and safe service every day.

Our experience in providing effective government solutions to prime contractors and government agencies enables us to create and maintain a worker environment that is free from germs and bacteria, which contributes to a healthier (Green) environment, resulting in lower worker absenteeism, improved morale, and an accident-free workplace.