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Does Your Reception Area Give the Right Impression?

Keeping a clean office can help productivity, but what about your reception area? Your reception area is often the first thing a visitor to your building sees, so it’s the first impression they get of your company. If your reception area is cluttered or dirty, your visitors could be forming a negative impression before you’ve even greeted them. Particularly in the current pandemic, the importance of cleaning has never been more evident.

A clean and inviting reception area makes a positive first impression on visitors, meaning you can start your client meetings and employee interviews on the right foot.

If your reception area is looking a little tired, here are some tips and tricks to spruce it up and have it sparkling in no time:

Install the right flooring

Reception areas are typically high footfall, so you’ll need a hard-wearing carpet or flooring option. Light-colored flooring can open up a room and make it feel bigger and brighter, but light-colored carpet requires a lot of maintenance in high-traffic areas. Flooring tiles are often a hard-wearing and easy-clean solution.

Maximize the space

Your reception area should feel spacious – even if it’s only a small space. A cluttered or overcrowded reception area can make waiting visitors feel uncomfortable. Although not all companies have the budget for an elegantly spacious reception area, you can take steps to make the most of the space you do have.

Clear away any clutter, and make sure that your reception isn’t doubling as a storage area for business files or employee belongings. Have waste baskets and recycling points in a prominent location so that visitors and employees can keep the area tidy.

Keep magazines and promotional materials to a minimum. They provide something for waiting visitors to read, but too many look cluttered and disorganized. Keep your collection fresh by replacing dog-eared booklets, brochures, and magazines with fresh ones and keep the selection limited.

Keep furniture to a minimum

Check your furniture. Is it arranged to make the best use of the space? Or are visitors dodging poorly placed chairs as they try and get to your counter? Remove any furniture that isn’t used regularly, and replace bulky pieces with sleek, modern, streamlined items to reduce the space they take up.

Potted plants can create a more welcoming atmosphere, but keep it minimal to avoid an overcrowded look.

Keep the air fresh

Office smells can reach the reception area, especially if your office is very small or open-plan. Smells from food and beverages can linger in the air, creating a poor first impression for visitors. Making sure that you regularly air out the reception, opening windows, or leaving doors open where possible will help keep it feeling and smelling fresh. Also, consider using odor neutralizing deodorizers for the carpets and clean, fresh-smelling air fresheners. Don’t be tempted to overdo it with strong scents, as many people are sensitive to strong fragrances.


Team Clean provides janitorial and commercial cleaning services to office buildings located throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. We use an eleven-point Office Check System to keep your office clean and clutter-free. Plus, our Spotless Restrooms program eradicates harmful microorganisms and pathogens, keeping your employees and visitors healthier.

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