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Most Challenging Cleaning Job Ever 1

I’ve had quite a few challenging cleaning jobs but the one that I remember the most I believe was when the early 2000s when Lollapalooza came to town and I’m sure you’re familiar with Lollapalooza and we were awarded the contract to clean after Lollapalooza at Roosevelt Park and I thought that I had done my due diligence and I planned everything out I mapped the park I put the number of people that I wanted in there and how we were going to empty the trash cans and clean up the garbage afterward and by the way we had one day to do this exactly 24 hours to do this job so he said you’re gonna need about a hundred people to do this job well in the early 2000s it wasn’t easy for me to find that amount of people who wanted to work just for the day to make some extra money.


You have to keep up with folks all time is challenging. So we said okay we will adopt the team cleaning, you have to train to get them that place. Their certain
types of vacuum cleaners but that’s what Team Clean has adopted.

Supervisor Inspection Report


You’re actually getting inspections done in real time because that supervisor who was down in the office all the time you know with his head buried down doing paperwork, no longer that team leader I is actually with the team walking through and making sure that everything is done so everybody’s eye is on everybody else and
you cannot leave that floor until everything is inspected and then done so you getting your quality.

Team Cleaning


We’ve adopted what we call team cleaning in Mrs. halitosis we take a group of our employees, five cleaners so that those five cleaners start on the top floor okay you have one duster, you have one vacuum-er, you have one restroom cleaner, and you have one trashier and then you have one in the bathroom make sure everything is going along well so what happens is after they have cleaned that floor then they drop down to the next.

Zone Cleaning


Usually, when your cleaning company comes in they Zone clean they pick a zone in the building and they clean it, one person, you know just cleans that zone and then another person cleans another zone on another floor and so on and so forth. If you have nine people in a building then you need nine vacuum cleaners, nine dusters, and nine buckets.

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