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Let’s go over to disinfect, disinfect most hospitals or all hospitals as you know have to have a strong disinfect policy. Let’s go back and say you have to clean all surfaces before you disinfect that’s very important because if you don’t you must clean your surfaces before disinfecting you just can’t spray disinfectant and think that it’s going to kill all bacteria or germs you have to first disinfect with an approved disinfector that kills 9.9999% of bacteria now there’s a difference sanitizing, sanitizing kill
9.99% disinfecting.

How to deal with cold and flu.

At colleges and universities oh my my-my I remember when there was a flu epidemic at my college and you know I believe fighting the flu is as simple as paying attention to disinfectant you have to disinfect but sometimes people have a tendency to over disinfect so you know if you know during the cold and flu seasons you train your cleaners to train your cleaners to disinfect touch points.

How to Make a Facility Manager Smile part 2


For him or her meaning the facility manager to know exactly what happened the night before. Communication is key that’s how you make a facility manager smile do your job, clean the building, pristine communicate any issues that may have happened the day before communicate, communicate and over communicate sometimes I think
another thing that makes a facility manager smile is the comfort level that
they have in the cleaning staff. Knowing that when they come in everything is going to be done and consistently done.

How to Make a Facility Manager Smile part 1

How to make a facility manager smile. Facility managers have a tough job you can imagine they’re responsible for all the woes that happened within that eight-hour day or possibly more. You have so many personalities that you have to make comfortable because of the tenants they stay in those buildings or quite a bit of their day so they have to deal with temperatures they have to deal with other things that may have to go on throughout the day and they have to always be on top of their game always on top of their game making the tenant happy. In our space janitorial services, the way you make a facility manager smile is for him or her to have a pristine building when they come in the morning.

Second Most Challenging Job! Part 2

I hit the streets with my crew, I went to homeless shelters, I went to people who weren’t in homeless shelters, I begged I borrowed, I did everything that I could to get the people there. I believe we had to have 200 people for that day and 45 minutes to clean it up and they thought that we couldn’t do it. The powers to be thought that we could not do this and we did it in 45 minutes it was like it was challenging but it was like a thing of art I love cleaning I just absolutely love cleaning.

Second Most Challenging Job! Part 1

The second most challenging job was when we were a contractor at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and we were responsible for cleaning after a doubleheader. Now a doubleheader is not really you know we’ve done it in it before at the old vet Stadium and we’ve done things like that before however at the time that we service Oriole Park at Camden Yards it was a brand-new facility so that meant that it was two sold-out doubleheaders and the time that we had to do it was 45 minutes well I never have been given 45 minutes to clean a whole ballpark so in that deck when I say that I mean the seating area of the ballpark. What happened was they told us a couple days before that there was going to be a doubleheader and Team Clean was responsible for cleaning that Stadium the new stadium because you know they weren’t accepting just a little trash on the curb because there’s a brand new stadium they wanted a clean clean clean you know as if you have a brand new house.

Most Challenging Cleaning Job Ever Part 2

Excited as I was with my team of managers we went trucking on over to Roosevelt Park and set up you know our trash cans and pick sticks and brooms and knobby pans and everything that we needed to do the job it rained that day so at the end of the concert Roosevelt Park was literally muddied and a wretched mess it was more trash and mud than you could even imagine in your wildest dreams no one had ever even factored in rain so that next morning after the event was over I think we had to report it like 6:00 a.m. Well I went out there a hundred people strong and literally looked at the mess and started crying tears were coming down my eyes our staff without boots were covered with mud all over there were people too had mud up to their thigh calves and I had the city yelling and I had the event producer yelling and I had everybody yelling and I had the neighbors yelling that this Park better be back in shape in 24 hours we didn’t make 24 hours they gave us a little slack but we did make it and the park was cleaned up and it was handed over very beautiful in his beautiful pristine state to Roosevelt Park.

Most Challenging Cleaning Job Ever 1

I’ve had quite a few challenging cleaning jobs but the one that I remember the most I believe was when the early 2000s when Lollapalooza came to town and I’m sure you’re familiar with Lollapalooza and we were awarded the contract to clean after Lollapalooza at Roosevelt Park and I thought that I had done my due diligence and I planned everything out I mapped the park I put the number of people that I wanted in there and how we were going to empty the trash cans and clean up the garbage afterward and by the way we had one day to do this exactly 24 hours to do this job so he said you’re gonna need about a hundred people to do this job well in the early 2000s it wasn’t easy for me to find that amount of people who wanted to work just for the day to make some extra money.


You have to keep up with folks all time is challenging. So we said okay we will adopt the team cleaning, you have to train to get them that place. Their certain
types of vacuum cleaners but that’s what Team Clean has adopted.

Supervisor Inspection Report


You’re actually getting inspections done in real time because that supervisor who was down in the office all the time you know with his head buried down doing paperwork, no longer that team leader I is actually with the team walking through and making sure that everything is done so everybody’s eye is on everybody else and
you cannot leave that floor until everything is inspected and then done so you getting your quality.

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