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Back to school is an exciting, challenging time every year. But the 2020-2021 school year will welcome back students under conditions we’ve never seen before. Some school districts will welcome hundreds of students back to class, which is likely to make it challenging to keep things clean. However, with the right cleaning plan in place, there’s no reason that a safe and smooth return to schools can’t be the norm.

Of course, this will not be business as usual for our schools, so it’s going to require a brand new plan when it comes to cleaning processes and procedures. And not just for cleaning staff – this is going to have to be all hands on deck. A real team effort!!

This year’s school planning won’t be all about the learning. There needs to be a robust plan for cleaning too, and the most important difference for this school year comes down to the clock.

As a provider of janitorial services to schools in the Philadelphia area, we are used to cleaning schools at night, perhaps with some limited day cleaning. For most schools, it was considered disruptive to have cleaning happening during the day.

However, these are unprecedented times, and health and hygiene need to be right at the top of the priority list alongside learning. Everything has changed, so the timing and preciseness of cleaning is absolutely vital.

At an absolute minimum, frequently touched objects and surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected twice a day, and ideally more often:

  • Desks, tables, chairs
  • Computer equipment such as keyboards and computer mice
  • Door and window handles
  • Restroom facilities
  • Communal break areas
  • Any toys, books, and games
  • Light switches
  • Telephones

Keeping on top of all that means cleaning during the day too now – something that we hope schools will embrace. Of course, welcoming a new cleaning plan with additional daytime cleaning doesn’t have to be disruptive to students. The main goal is to keep your students safe, healthy, and able to learn as effectively as possible. That’s why our employees are trained to CLEAN AND NOT BE SEEN, never to be disruptive.

At Team Clean, we’re experts at daytime cleaning, and we also offer specialist services that can help you protect your staff and students from pathogens. Our staff are specially trained and certified with the American Bio Recovery Association. Which means we can offer specialist, safe, cleaning and disinfecting services that prevent the spread of diseases like coronavirus.

Your janitorial staff can do an amazing job of keeping your hygiene standards exemplary. However, COVID-19 requires a level of attention to cleanliness that has never been seen. If this is going to be a success, everyone has to be involved – it’s a team effort. Alongside janitors – students and teachers will need to have some responsibility for cleaning and disinfecting desks and high touch surfaces, wearing masks, cleaning and sanitizing hands regularly, and staying 6 feet apart.

With the right cleaning plan, attitudes, and teamwork, we will absolutely have all the armor we need to fight this second wave.


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