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How Team Clean Can Help Your University Stay Safe During COVID

With 742 new cases in a single day, Philadelphia’s COVID-19 case count hit its’ highest point during the first week of November. Because case counts continue to trend upward, it’s of dire importance that the schools and universities that house countless students and educators are taking every applicable measure to ensure their safety.

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus is highly contagious and while basic safety measures such as wearing a mask, washing ones hands, and using hand sanitizer are effective to an extent, there is much more to be done when it comes to educational facilities.

For over 40 years, our staff have been committed to remaining up to date on all of the latest and most-effective solutions in the cleaning industry which is why they are certified with the American Bio Recovery Association. It’s important to us that we use this knowledge to help to make the city of Philadelphia a safe place to live – especially now.

With the assistance of an electrostatic sprayer and a disinfectant that is approved for use against COVID-19, our staff can easily and effectively work to keep campuses clean and virus-free. Our electrostatic spraying system is only one step, but it kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 seconds and many others in 2 minutes or less.

While Team Clean is already the preferred janitorial service contractor for several colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region, we know that our services can be implemented in many more locations. Our hope is to be able to work with as many schools in the Philadelphia area as possible so that together we can beat the Coronavirus.

How to Stay Healthy At Work

No one likes to be sick. We do our best to try to remain healthy and hope that our efforts are successful. Yet how do we know what things really make a difference in keeping ourselves well, and keeping our work surroundings sanitized and germ-free?

There are a variety of actions we can take in order to reduce employee sick time and help those that are still a little under the weather but come to work anyway from infecting others. You’ll want to be sure to keep things clean and as germ-free as possible. Disinfect things yourself if need be, but also be sure to talk to your cleaning crew and let them know that there’s a bug going around the office, or that more people than normal have fallen ill. This way steps can be taken to cleanse things a little more thoroughly, or more often. Remember that any equipment that touches employees’ hands is more likely to then carry germs. Disinfecting surfaces like telephones, doorknobs, kitchen handles, keyboards, and machine knobs or buttons is an especially good way to help combat infection.

There’s no perfect way to rid your building of germs. After all, it is estimated that a sneeze can contaminate surfaces up to 26 feet away. In addition, employees, customers, and visitors oftentimes come in when they’re sick, or fail to wash their hands as often as they should. A good plan is to remain vigilant about keeping all surfaces clean and disinfected, and to step things up should you experience an uptick in illness. Your cleaning company can assist with specific plans of action should your situation warrant them, as keeping things in your building safe, clean and germ-free is their goal.

Who We Are

This is about much more than just cleaning.  Donna Allie and Team Clean’s passion is clear.

WBENC and it’s importance to Team Clean

Let’s discuss the Women’s Business Enterprise national council and you. Team Clean has been a member of we bank that’s what we affectionately call it for many many years. I’m in this region we have participated in many events we Bank is very very important to women business owners its offers, seminars, workshops, and entree to businesses that you probably would not have had the opportunity to network with if it hadn’t been for we Bank. Just the camaraderie of the women getting together and being able to share their stories in terms of women business owners’ so I would encourage you if you are a woman business owner get involved with we bank it will certainly pay off.

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