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William Nelson has worked at Team Clean in a variety of roles since March 2007, and in late 2016 he was named Regional Manager for the firm.  An engaging and gregarious member of the Team Clean family, William “started in the ranks” in 2007 and was soon the team leader for Team Clean’s work at West Philadelphia High School.

A graduate of Philadelphia’s John Bartram High School, William has experience running his own janitorial services businesses in the past, and brings his own entrepreneurial spirit to his interactions with Team Clean clients and colleagues.   He feels a strong sense of pride in his own growth within Team Clean, and works hard to instill that spirit in his front-line team members.

Off duty, William works in his own recording studio as an Executive Producer for local musical artists.  He also has established a mentorship program for Philadelphia high school students within his recording studio, teaching them about the music industry and production techniques, based on the strength of their respective high school academic achievements.