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Office Solutions

Team Clean provides janitorial and related services to commercial, corporate, and municipal office buildings located throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. We offer the distinct advantage of providing competent and well-disciplined employees who are motivated and directed by a seasoned supervisory personnel.

Team Clean enjoys a very low employee turnover rate, which is a direct result of senior management stewardship in providing continuous training and support to enhance each employee’s skills.

Well-trained and motivated employees—attired in clean and professional-looking uniforms and with proper identification—result in excellent service from a friendly and skilled workforce.

The use of an eleven-point Office Check System ensures a clean and clutter-free office environment. Further, the Spotless Restrooms program is used to eradicate harmful microorganisms that can contaminate a building’s environment.

philadelphia cleaning services
philadelphia cleaning services

Educational Solutions

Team Clean is the preferred janitorial service contractor for several colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our meaningful experience in the educational facilities arena has enabled us to sustain long-term relationships with clients in this market segment.

Our willingness and proven capacity to partner with prime contractors in this market segment has given Team Clean invaluable knowledge and skill to offer cost-effective educational solutions to prospective clientele. Further, Team Clean is keenly aware of current issues affecting today’s institutions of higher learning and public schools, such as effective cleaning techniques to combat mersa (antibiotic-resistant bacteria) and stringent employment screening and hiring procedures. At Team Clean, we clearly understand our responsibility as a contractor in providing an educational solution that will produce an environmentally-safe and clean facility—free from harmful bacteria—by using Green chemicals whenever possible and using cleaning techniques and materials (and continuous training) to eliminate unsafe conditions such as slippery floors.

Our Spotless Restrooms program is essential in this arena, particularly in residence halls, which require detail cleaning in restrooms to eradicate harmful microorganisms that can cause serious illnesses. This program utilizes specialized equipment and Green chemicals to provide effective sanitation in these rooms.

Team Clean provides outstanding educational solutions, both as a prime contractor and subcontractor, to other firms. Our clients include primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Event Solutions

Team Clean is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier event solutions providers for housekeeping and setup services to event promoters and event-driven facilities. Unlike other market segments, this particular industry has unique requirements; it requires a contractor with event-services experience and the ability to mobilize, on short notice, a sizable workforce that is well-trained and directed by a veteran, supervisory team.

Moreover, Team Clean has in its inventory the specialized, capital equipment required for addressing the immediate needs of large events that generate significant foot traffic. Due to tight deadlines and quick turnarounds of meeting rooms and exhibit halls, these events require a rapid response. Under our stewardship, a client can focus on their core business of managing an event while we assume the responsibility of providing effective, event solutions that will be safe and environmentally secure.

Team Clean is a Philadelphia-based, minority- and woman-owned business enterprise with twenty years of experience in the contract maintenance industry. In a multitude of venues throughout the region, we possess meaningful experience in providing event solutions to conventions, trade shows, large meetings, parades, and professional sporting and cultural events. Team Clean now provides labor brokerage of janitorial services for the new Citizens Bank Park and, previously, Veterans Stadium (fourteen years), Camden Yards in Baltimore, and Penn’s Landing. Experience gained at these and other facilities makes Team Clean the clear choice for event solutions for your facility as well.

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philadelphia cleaning services

Government Solutions

Team Clean enjoys long-established relationships with governmental entities, either through subcontracting relations with prime contractors or through direct engagement with a specific governmental agency (municipal, state, or federal). These partnerships flourish because of our continuing commitment to provide superior housekeeping and related services to this market segment.

We can make this claim because:

  • By partnering with Team Clean, government agencies and prime contractors are receiving services from a proven and successful firm with twenty years of experience.
  • We understand our fiduciary responsibilities as a government contractor.
  • We are very familiar with the procurement process related to government bidding opportunities.
  • Team Clean has a rigorous employee selection and training program to meet governmental standards concerning human resources.
  • Team Clean is a socially responsible minority- and woman-owned business enterprise, providing prime contractors with P.L. 95-507 compliance for large government contracts.

As with other market segments, Team Clean offers well-trained and well-disciplined employees who are led by an experienced management team dedicated to customer service. Our low turnover rate and excellent safety record ensures reliable and safe service every day.

Our experience in providing effective government solutions to prime contractors and government agencies enables us to create and maintain a worker environment that is free from germs and bacteria, which contributes to a healthier (Green) environment, resulting in lower worker absenteeism, improved morale, and an accident-free workplace.

Industrial Solutions

Team Clean possesses the expertise necessary to provide housekeeping and related services to industrial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our reputation as the region’s fastest-growing janitorial services firm has enabled us to enter this market segment with great expectations.

Our success is due, in part, to the ability to provide well-trained and well-disciplined employees who are led by a competent, supervisory team. Team Clean’s low, employee turnover rate and excellent safety record means our clients receive exceptional service every day. This fact, in conjunction with specialized programs, such as Spotless Restrooms, will solidify our position in this market segment in the years to come.

Whether you’re running three shifts on a factory floor or a single shift in a warehouse, Team Clean can provide effective cleaning solutions for your facility. These industrial solutions include procuring the necessary cleaning agents and equipment to effectively machine sweep/scrub concrete floors in the facility, as well as instituting our Spotless Restrooms program to remove dirt and grime in the restrooms and locker rooms.

A well-maintained facility has the added effect of boosting employee morale, as well as contributing to an accident-free work environment. It also minimizes absenteeism caused by illnesses that can be prevented by the effective control and elimination of bacteria and germs.

philadelphia cleaning services

Landscaping Services

With years of experience in landscaping various types of properties, Team Clean is your go-to service for all your commercial landscaping needs. We work with our clients to create the most beautiful property and bring the most attention to a commercial business in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Mulching and Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Seasonal Clean-up
  • Weed control
  • Lawn applications
  • Mowing, Cutting, and Fertilization
  • Pruning, Trimming and Dead Wooding

Ancillary Services

We are proud of our Spotless Restroom Program, as well as services including pressure washing, carpet care, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, day porter/matron services, and more.

janitorial service company PA US

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