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Second Most Challenging Job! Part 2

I hit the streets with my crew, I went to homeless shelters, I went to people who weren’t in homeless shelters, I begged I borrowed, I did everything that I could to get the people there. I believe we had to have 200 people for that day and 45 minutes to clean it up and they thought that we couldn’t do it. The powers to be thought that we could not do this and we did it in 45 minutes it was like it was challenging but it was like a thing of art I love cleaning I just absolutely love cleaning.

Second Most Challenging Job! Part 1

The second most challenging job was when we were a contractor at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and we were responsible for cleaning after a doubleheader. Now a doubleheader is not really you know we’ve done it in it before at the old vet Stadium and we’ve done things like that before however at the time that we service Oriole Park at Camden Yards it was a brand-new facility so that meant that it was two sold-out doubleheaders and the time that we had to do it was 45 minutes well I never have been given 45 minutes to clean a whole ballpark so in that deck when I say that I mean the seating area of the ballpark. What happened was they told us a couple days before that there was going to be a doubleheader and Team Clean was responsible for cleaning that Stadium the new stadium because you know they weren’t accepting just a little trash on the curb because there’s a brand new stadium they wanted a clean clean clean you know as if you have a brand new house.

On October 2, Donna Allie, President, and Founder, Team Clean, Inc. participated in an exciting event during Peirce College’s Minority Enterprise Development (MED) week in Philadelphia. At the “Elevate Your Equity through Business Ownership” program, Allie spoke to students, alumni and guests about business strategies and employee development.

2014 most admired ceo

2014 Most Admired CEO

Team Clean founder and president, Donna L. Allie, PhD. was recognized by Philadelphia Business Journal as one of 2014’s most admired CEO’s. Ms. Allie was given an award by Philadelphia Business Journal in the category of Entrepreneurship. This is one of several occasions Allie has been recognized by Philadelphia business journal over the years. The president and founder of Team Clean (a leading provider of janitorial services in the Philadelphia region), Allie launched the company in the mid-1980s as a solo entrepreneur, and has grown the company to over 600 employees and over $16 million in sales. The company she founded on a shoe-string was also named by PBJ as the #1-ranked Minority-Owned Business in 2007 and 2008.


Philadelphia Go Red for Women Chair

Donna Allie is the Philadelphia 2014 Go Red for Women Chair.  Go Red for Women is the American Heart Association’s nationwide year-long initiative that celebrates the energy, passion and power of women banding together to listen to our bodies, know the warning signs of heart disease and take action.

go red luncheon speech

11th Annual Philadelphia Go Red for Women Luncheon

The American Heart Association’s 11th annual Philadelphia Go-Red-for-Women luncheon was held May 9, 2014. The luncheon served as the culminating event in the year- long Go Red for Women Campaign to raise funds and awareness around the number one killer of women (and men), heart disease.

The Luncheon was a mission filled day and, with approximately 800 guests in attendance, more than $1 million was raised in the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke. This represents a new record for the Philadelphia Go Red for Women Luncheon and, with more than $150,000 in growth over last year, ranks the Philadelphia Go Red for Women Initiative as the number three American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign in the entire country!

Proceeds from the Luncheon will fund research grants that will be used to uncover future medical breakthroughs. Past AHA research grants led to many important life-saving discoveries, including: CPR, implantable pacemakers, and drug coated stents.

GPCC Board Member Donna Allie, the President and Founder of Team Clean, Inc. served as Chair for the American Heart Association’s 2014 Go Red for Women Campaign Chair. Donna led the campaign to an all-time high by working diligently to champion this important cause throughout the year.

Team Clean, Inc is a commercial cleaning company headquartered in Philadelphia. Ms. Allie and Team Clean are recipients of numerous government, business, civic and community service awards and citations.

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